Y.E.S. Uganda
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Who is Who

Board of directors:

Meets quarterly to decide important matters concerning the NGO

Chairman: Rev. Agabus Baguma retired Anglican priest;
Vice Chairman: Father/Doctor Paschal Kabura Catholic priest and doctor of psychology;
Secretary: Carol Adams founder and executive director;
Treasurer: Mr. Ivan Byaruhanga Secondary School teacher;
Member: Aster Kabanyoro Nurse;
Member: Marium Kluge;
Member: Phoibe Rugumayo wife of a retired politician.

Daily Run Team:

Carol Adams executive Director who makes all daily decisions that the other staff does not feel able to make. Also keeps records of all income, does all correspondence, sets up meetings and goes in the field to check certain situations, counsels some of the kids and caregivers when there is English used.

Rose Katwesige

Rose Katwesige administrative assistant who logs all daily expenditures, keeps track of and makes lists of all students including the grade each term, class they are in and other needed school information. Also handles the daily flow of people coming into the office, keeps records of lunches served in schools and doctor records on kids and any other job that may come up.

David Tumwiine

David Tumwiine a field officer who investigates new applicants, assists families with problems, drives sick children to hospitals, checks on construction of the rescue home, brings and orders supplies, pays school fees in all schools over 20 goes to schools when behavior problems or other problems arise. He gets supplies for the office, travels to Kampala on any program matters and any other need that comes up.

Florence Bamutur

Florence Bumuturaki a counselor to troubled children, caregivers and families.

Support Staff:

Night Watchman John Aliganyira
Cleaning Lady Gladys Mbabazi
Groundskeeper Kassim Tinkasimire