Y.E.S. Uganda
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Dreaming of a Vocational School

Carol Adams has accomplished many goals in her Ugandan ministry. When asked by an interviewer what she would like to create next, vocational training was at the top of her list.

Y.E.S. Uganda - Dreaming of a Vocational School
A Vocational School would establish its own garden to grow food for the Mana Rescue Home. Not only would the students learn agriculture and animal husbandry but they would derive esteem from producing food for their fellow orphans.
Y.E.S. Uganda - Dreaming of a Vocational School
From homeless orphans to confident and productive citizens. Vocational training empowers young people to earn their own income, breaking the cycle of dependency and inspiring their peers to work hard and learn.

A valuable next step in the evolution of Carol Adams Ministries would be the creation of a Vocational Training Center. Carol is searching for land where a half way house can be built for kids who have nowhere to go when they leave the rescue home. It would also serve some of the other young people finishing secondary schools.

While providing housing during courses, young people stepping out into the world would have the opportunity to acquire vocational skills such as computer programs, tailoring, knitting, carpentry, engine repair, horticulture and even entrepreneurial mentoring.

The Vocational Center's sustainability would come from products produced and sold. It is also an opportunity for corporate sponsorships. It would be a resource for local companies seeking trained and motivated employees.

In addition there would be enough space for a garden to grow much of the food for the rescue home. Currently the farm is expanding with new cultivation techniques and has the potential to become a model farm for the whole area.

Young people with a trade, computer literacy and knowledge of horticulture could leave with skills that are marketable, perpetuating a cycle of upward mobility for themselves and their families.

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