Y.E.S. Uganda
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Y.E.S. Uganda - Training

The population of Uganda is deeply affected by the lack of education, poverty, poor access to health care and unemployment. One of Y.E.S. Uganda's primary goals is to provide Ugandan children and orphans with the opportunity to obtain education and useful skills so that they may be able to rise above the crippling poverty they were born into. Y.E.S. addresses the critical unemployment situation in the country by providing vocational training in the areas of crafts, carpentry, tailoring, bricklaying, poultry farming, preserving, storing and selling of foods. Moreover, Y.E.S. provides skills-training for the orphans who are interested in small business entrepreneurship and in marketing.

Y.E.S. Uganda - Training

Beyond vocational training Y.E.S. offers many enrichment programs like vocational guidance, life skills concerning self esteem, public speaking and job interviews and many skills needed in daily life. Y.E.S. Uganda also organizes recreational days where kids get together and participate in different sports as well as get to know each other. Sometimes appropriate DVD movies are shown for younger and older students.

The combination of the various ministry programs works to achieve a true quality of life for the children while striving to improve the current situation in Uganda overall.