Y.E.S. Uganda
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Poverty Realities

Y.E.S. Uganda - Poverty Realities

There are too many and complex reasons why people in Africa are poor and stay poor throughout their lives. It is often said that poverty breeds poverty and it's completely impossible to free oneself from this poverty trap. Malnutrition brings risk for children to suffer from disabling disease. Lack of proper education deprives children of getting a life different from the one of their parents. Without a place to live no one can lead a normal life and build assets.

Orphans in Africa are often deprived of the basic necessities in life which make any achievement beyond merely surviving, impossible.

Here are some African poverty facts:

  • Every second person in Sub Saharan Africa has to survive on less than 1$ a day;
  • Millions of people there suffer from malnutrition;
  • Less than 50% of Africa's population has access to hospitals or doctors, safe and pure water;
  • The average life expectancy in Africa is 41 years;
  • Only 57% of African children can get primary education. More than 44 million primary-school aged children are out of school in Africa;
  • One in six children die before the age of 5;
  • Less than one person out of five has electricity, only 15 out of 1.000 inhabitants have a telephone line, and 7,8 out of 1.000 people surf on Internet;
  • Ugandan women work longer hours than men, have much more limited access to resources, and exercise little or no control over what they produce;
  • Women bear the greater burden of caring for the sick and the children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.