Y.E.S. Uganda
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Where your Money Goes

Y.E.S. Uganda - Where Your Money Goes

Sponsor Funds:

  • The monthly sponsorship donations will be put towards a general pool for all sponsored children. Each child will receive schooling and school needs, medical care and all benefits as listed in the policy. The donor may still have a personal relationship with their child. No sponsorship money will be used for other programs within Y.E.S.
  • If a child has developed a personal relationship with a donor and special funds are sent for that child to go towards higher education, or a specific need, if approved, it will be kept listed for that purpose. If money is sent through Y.E.S. we will still have the right to monitor the funds. Otherwise once a child has finished senior 6 or a vocational course they are no longer assisted by the Y.E.S. program. If money is sent in large amounts for university it must be sent in time to be received by the program before we have to give it out.
  • Funds sent for specific purposes such as medical care, agricultural projects, building fund or others will be used and listed under these categories. Open or non-designated donations will be used where most needed. A 10% administration cost will be deducted from all contributions sent through the Y.E.S. program.

We spend money on:

  • uniforms, books, pens and pencils, PTA fees, shoes and many other things that are required at schools;
  • school lunches;
  • secondary and vocational school fees;
  • HIV/AIDS testing;
  • vaccination, de-worming, immunizing and other health care expenses;
  • roofing thatched houses with iron sheets and often rebuilding a house;
  • clothing, linen;
  • food and clean water;
  • books, educational materials for our library.

Thank you for your donations!