Y.E.S. Uganda
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Manna Rescue Home

A place of love and hope

Y.E.S. Uganda - Manna Rescue Home
Y.E.S. Uganda - Manna Rescue Home

In 2004, the idea for Manna Rescue Home was put in my heart when I saw again and again children who were sick with AIDS and suffering alone. A year later, I had the opportunity to share my dreams with some wonderful Christians from Ireland who made a large donation towards this home.

  • Manna Rescue Home is a place of love and hope where children with AIDS have the opportunity to learn about God's love and know that they are important.
  • As of January 2008, the first children were able to come to their new home. Already, the Manna Rescue Home is a full house, with room for 30 of the neediest children - those who are alone without anyone to care for them. Though many are very weak from illness and malnutrition, the joy on their faces radiates the hope they did not have before.
  • The Rescue Home has a staff of 9 people and one volunteer, all who work to care for the children giving them proper nutrition and medication, counseling and most importantly a loving, Christ-centered home.
  • Many projects are taking off already - planting vegetable gardens, raising chickens for eggs, goats for dairy and building a playground!
Y.E.S. Uganda - Manna Rescue Home

We are very much in need of donations for the ongoing costs of the Manna Rescue Home as well as sponsorships for the children of Manna Rescue Home. Please click on the PayPal button above to make your immediate donation online - God Bless you and thank you!