Y.E.S. Uganda
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Y.E.S. Uganda - History

The work of Y.E.S. Uganda started with Carol Adams in 1996, after she felt called by our Lord to the mission field to help Ugandan orphans. The first orphanage she saw in Africa was one in Luweero which was completely devastated. Poverty realities can be seen all over Africa in the huge numbers of people struggling to survive and Carol was drawn to those children left with no adult caregiver, barely making it day by day. Y.E.S. Uganda was eventually founded in Fort Portal, Uganda to come to the aid of the over 35,000 orphaned children in the area.

Since Y.E.S. Uganda's inception, we've been assisting those that are the most helpless and forgotten orphaned children, and now, these many years later the results of one woman heeding Christ's call is evident. Today Youth Encouragement Services provide over 500 children with help in such spheres as education, health, training, employment and housing.

Thanks to the valued donations of our sponsors and the help of our volunteers, we can transform the poverty of Ugandan orphans into a better life.