Y.E.S. Uganda
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Y.E.S. Uganda - Health

Health issues are numerous. According to the statistics, the number of orphans in Africa increased from 30.9 million to 41.5 million people between 1990 and 2000. Many of them suffer from poor health and such diseases as AIDS and malaria. AIDS in Africa touches children in two ways - as a disease which kills their parents and leaves them orphans and as a disease which infects children themselves. Moreover, the poor state of health of the African orphans represents a threat not only to them but to the future generations as well.

Thus Y.E.S. considers health one of the main priorities to which it focuses its activity, implementing different orphan youth oriented projects. Since quality health care is not available to the majority of the Ugandan population, Y.E.S. co-operates with other organizations in teaching life training skills concerning health and HIV/AIDS prevention with peer education.

When an orphan or a family first is accepted into the Y.E.S. Uganda program we check each child and de-worm and immunize them. We test children who may have HIV/AIDS. Other diseases and medical problems are handled as they come up.

It is time to assume responsibility and work together to change the lives of the African orphans to the better. As with all children, the orphans of Uganda deserve the opportunity to receive an education, protection and of course healthcare. Y.E.S. does its best to improve the health of the Ugandan orphans and to provide a better future for them with your help.