Y.E.S. Uganda
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Existing Problems

Y.E.S. Uganda - Existing Problems

The Y.E.S. Childcare Program operates within the Western Region of Uganda, Africa, specifically in the districts of Kabarole and Kyenjojo.

Africa is home to the largest desert in the world: the Sahara, and the longest river in the world: the Nile. Thousands of species of animals live in Africa and so do many different kinds of people. There are over 1000 languages spoken here. While the second largest continent on the earth, it has the most countries of any continent. It also has many problems that constantly affect its people.

Africa is suffering from three major crises that strike its people and have unfortunately become everyday reality in this region:

These problems are not easily solved. We can, however, do our utmost to help the people of Africa. As such, there are two possible approaches: allow existing problems to go from bad to worse and the people of Africa will continue to suffer and die, or, those that care can become part of the solution – YOU can become part of helping Africa combat these crises, seizing the opportunity to respond to God's call to help those most in need.

Isa 58:10
If you extend your soul to the hungry
And satisfy the afflicted soul,
Then your light shall dawn in the darkness,
And your darkness shall be as the noonday.