Y.E.S. Uganda
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Y.E.S. Uganda - Employment

Among the greatest areas of concern in Uganda are poverty, AIDS and unemployment – all of which are closely interconnected. With 1 in 3 Ugandans living below the poverty line and a per capita income of under $170 USD, one begins to see the hopelessness that faces so very many of Uganda's 28 million people. Even for those who have an education, it is difficult to find employment and it's harder yet for those who have no special education and skills.

Even among university graduates, unemployment is prevalent. It is often observed that those with vocations have a better chance of getting work to at least survive. Kids on long breaks find employment even harder to find. Many will take a job at which they work 12 hours a day for 2000 Ugandan Shillings which is about $1.10.

Apart from the various arrangements in the field of education and training, Y.E.S. implements different orphan youth projects which help the orphans of Uganda to find their place in this world. Moreover, Y.E.S. aims at networking with industries, companies, service agencies and organizations in order to facilitate access to internships, practical experience, and employment for the orphans in need — during or after their schooling. The aim of Y.E.S. is to start and run services to generate funds which will provide opportunities for training and for employment of orphans.

Assisting in the acquisition of useful skills, providing facilities for obtaining education, Y.E.S. does its best to find further employment for the Ugandan orphans. Addressing the needs of the most vulnerable groups – orphans – Y.E.S. contributes to the improvement of the overall economic situation in Uganda.