Y.E.S. Uganda
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Y.E.S. Uganda - Education

Education is a chance for impoverished Ugandan orphans to find their own place in this life and have the opportunity for a positive, independent future.

The objective of Y.E.S. is to help these orphaned youth obtain education which will raise their level of awareness and provide them with necessary skills and knowledge enabling them to effectively implement programs that improve not only their well being but that of their communities. Y.E.S. Uganda advances the future opportunities of these children through the provision of:

  • Primary Schooling:
    Many kids cannot afford school because uniforms, books, pens and pencils, PTA fees, shoes and many other things are required. Our program provides all of the orphans with full needs as well as supplying lunches for them. Most of the kids on the program would only eat once a day if that lunch were not supplied;
  • Secondary Schooling:
    Students who finish primary school with high results are sent on to a good boarding school where they have everything to meet their needs. These schools run us about $600 a year per student. Others go to day schools and some have to walk many miles a day to attend. We also provide lunch as they cannot learn well without proper nutrition;
  • Vocational Training:
    There are many different types and levels of vocational schools. Basic training in brick laying and sewing and carpentry, cooking, hand crafts and others are given for students who do not qualify for secondary after primary 7. For others there are many more choices such as secretarial, plumbing and electrical installation, primary teaching, mechanics, tourism and others. These courses are one to two years.

In order to educate impoverished orphans and give them the simple possibility to know more and to broaden their perspectives, Y.E.S. implements different orphaned youth projects. These include opening training and educational centers, libraries, theatres and other facilities.

Thanks to all those who participate in the implementation of Y.E.S. programs and to the generous contributions of our donors, the Ugandan orphans are not lost in a hopeless world, but instead, see the love Jesus Christ has for them through the tireless and caring efforts of Y.E.S. Uganda.