Y.E.S. Uganda
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Andrew's Story

Andrew is 14 and he has AIDS. He looks more like 10 in size. His mother died three years ago and his dad died 5 years ago, both from AIDS. The mom stayed with her mom until she died. She had three kids; Andrew, a boy two years younger and a girl one year older than Andrew.

The grandmother could no longer care for these three kids because she has another daughter with AIDS and her three kids in a small mud house who need much care. The kids were taken to a house about 10 kilometers away to stay with an aunt. This aunt did not want the kids and she often was away and the three kids were left to fend for themselves.

Andrew was getting sick frequently and the sister was not happy taking care of him. She would tell him that he was dying just like the parents and he should hurry up and die. He took himself to the hospital and was getting drugs and we were trying to help him.

Andrew was gradually becoming a street kid who steals things. We then placed him in a foster home where he would get food and we hoped, love. He robbed the foster mother and she ended up putting him out. He then went back with his brother and sister. His sister became pregnant and a distant aunt took her and another distant relative took the younger boy.

Andrew then went from one relative to another but no one wanted a sick kid. He did keep bouncing back to the office but we didn't know what to do with him. He was stealing and his bad behaviors made it impossible to find anyone to take him and his illness made it even harder. Unfortunately not many people want AIDS kids.

Finally, my field officer Grace took him into his small place. Andrew gets food and schooling again. He is now monitored on his drugs but still is often sick. He has started attending church on Sundays with me. This Sunday was Palm Sunday and the sermon was touching. At the end they asked if anyone would like to accept Christ as their personal savior and Andrew raised his hand and came forward. I was in tears and Andrew was just glowing.

I ask for prayers for this young man who needs the Lord so much. He also needs our love and to know that he is a special person and loved. He will be someone who will have a home in the Manna Rescue Home as soon as it is completed. There he will be watched over and have a family who cares.

This story is multiplied over and over again with so many kids. All of these kids need to know Christ and His love as Andrew has found. In the home Andrew may be used by God to tell others what he has found in Jesus. He also will no longer be an outcast because of AIDS.